1. Sons of the Crow

  2. Broken Ones
    Broken Ones

  3. Fix This
    Broken Ones

  4. Abominable
    Telekinetic Yeti

  5. The National 4 Track Compilation
    Various Artists

  6. "Weird Nostalgia"
    a is jump

  7. My Ice Fingered Ghost
    a is jump

  8. Angers/Powers

  9. Forsaken Ancestral Blood

  10. "Nevermind I Love You"

  11. Sings Heart Songs
    Tom Armstrong

  12. Wine Stained Heart
    Tom Armstrong

  13. Mado Ni
    An Atomic Whirl

  14. North Lake

  15. This We Take With Us
    The Autumn Project

  16. July Skin
    The Beat Strings

  17. One
    The Black Heart Procession

  18. Dawn Of Mars
    Blutiger Fluss

  19. Extrema
    Blutiger Fluss

  20. Moons Of Jupiter
    Blutiger Fluss

  21. I Did What I Could With What I Had
    Bob Bucko Jr.

  22. Ageless
    Call Of The Void

  23. Absurdus Returnus
    Captain Three Leg/Ghostbusters

  24. Deerpath
    Class M Planets

  25. Change
    Crystal City

  26. Patterns Of Chaos
    Dark Mirror

  27. Try-Cycle
    Deep Sleep Waltzing

  28. December Seasons
    DL Diedrich

  29. Chicago Sessions EP
    MC DL (DL Diedrich)

  30. Pray For Water

  31. The Done Wonders
    The Done Wonders

  32. The Sound Of Meditation

  33. "Cycles Of Mobeum"

  34. Earthbound
    Earth Witch

  35. Martial Arts Weekend
    The Extra Glenns

  36. Undercard
    The Extra Lens

  37. "Autopia"
    Fetal Pig

  38. Can't Help Myself

  39. Reason To Die
    Gasoline Fight

  40. Model Homes
    Gin Street

  41. Glass Ox
    Glass Ox

  42. Draw Near
    Glass Ox

  43. Whoop-de-Goddamn-de-Do
    Going To Grandma's

  44. Drug Window

  45. Gnat Bones

  46. Histo

  47. The Holy Ghost
    The Holy Ghost

  48. Welcome To Ignore Us
    The Holy Ghost

  49. Get Your Funeral Shoes
    The Holy Ghost

  50. Another
    The Human Hearts

  51. Lord of the Heavenly Dwelling

  52. Sticks, Stones, Bullets and Bones
    Matthew James

  53. Live from the Loft
    Matthew James & the Rust Belt Union

  54. "A Lake Giant"
    John The Bastard

  55. Karen Meat & The Computer
    Karen Meat & the Computer

  56. On the Couch EP
    Karen Meat & the Computer

  57. Into The Mystery
    Land Of Blood And Sunshine

  58. Servants Of Light
    Land Of Blood And Sunshine

  59. Aeons
    Land Of Blood And Sunshine

  60. "Alive Between The Record Sleeves"
    Left Is West

  61. Souvenirs From Past Lives
    Left Is West

  62. Love Songs For Lonely Monsters
    Love Songs For Lonely Monsters

  63. Never Going Home
    Monday Mourners

  64. Intricate Maps
    The Multiple Cat

  65. Rock And Roll Alligator
    New Member Charles

  66. Hanga Fang
    Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship

  67. You Need You
    Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship

  68. Placeholders
    Nothing Painted Blue

  69. Taste the Flavor
    Nothing Painted Blue

  70. Odd Pets EP
    Odd Pets

  71. "Evolution No. 9"
    Chad O'Neall

  72. Death Spell

  73. In The Devil's Eye Now
    Person Whale

  74. Can You See With The Lights Out?
    Person Whale

  75. Last Train Out Of Dogtown
    Person Whale

  76. "Pets With Human Names"
    Pets With Human Names

  77. Very Loud Things That Are Unpleasant!
    Primal Breath

  78. Sunshower
    Psychic Heat

  79. Behind Closed Curtains
    Renaldo & The Loaf

  80. Home Is The House
    The River Monks

  81. The Seed Of Something
    The Seed Of Something

  82. Skin of Earth
    Skin of Earth

  83. Kids Talk To Killers

  84. Illiterati

  85. ...am the beast
    ten arms

  86. Indomitable

  87. Don't Be A Projectile
    Traffic Death

  88. Terror On The Freeway
    Traffic Death

  89. Split Personality
    Traffic Death/Lurking Corpses

  90. Bum Out!
    The Vahnevants

  91. Skies In Your Eyes
    V A N I S H I N G K I D S

  92. Spirit Visions
    V A N I S H I N G K I D S

  93. The Des Moines 4 Track Compilation Vol.1
    Various Artists

  94. Mesmerized in Madison
    Various Artists

  95. Volcano Boys
    Volcano Boys

  96. "The Transient Swivel" 7" EP
    Why Make Clocks

  97. "Why Make Clocks" CDR EP #1
    Why Make Clocks

  98. "Fifteen Feet and Twenty Degrees"
    Why Make Clocks

  99. "Midwestern Film"
    Why Make Clocks

  100. "Ego Reflector" CD-R EP
    Why Make Clocks

  101. These Things Are Ours
    Why Make Clocks

  102. Electronic Hearts
    Wolves In The Attic

  103. Pink Mist
    Wolves In The Attic

  104. Mother Bark Spit
    The Wych Elm

  105. Woodward
    The Wych Elm

  106. Crashberry Waltzes
    The Wych Elm

  107. Milk Sickness I
    The Wych Elm

  108. Milk Sickness II
    The Wych Elm

  109. Impending Doom/The Fate Of A World Plagued By Soulless Shits

  110. The City Of Sun

  111. Zuul

  112. EP #2


sumppumprecords Des Moines, Iowa

Sump Pump Records was founded in 1998 by Dan Hutchison, Brian Wiksell and Bill Heard. We released a vinyl 7" EP for Why Make Clocks in 1998 and a full-length CD for Chad O'Neall in 2000...then we got preoccupied w/our bands.

Now, it's a 5 way partnership between Dan, Brian, Will Tarbox, Chuck Hoffman & Tom Reelitz releasing records w/a DIY approach, by ourselves and other bands we love.
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